CC / 湛江海洋大学天赋俱乐部

Better known as CC (Short for Colorful Center or Colorful Club), tc@gdou is Talent Clubs’ oldest club. Predating the establishment of Talent Clubs itself by over three years,  CC was originally founded in the spring of 2007 by a group of Chinese and Foreign students and recent graduates. The founders of the club envisioned a small school where people could learn skills that were not traditionally offered at the university at the time.

Since the club’s establishment, many members have since moved on, and move up in life. This also goes for the original founders, who would eventually part ways with the club they had founded leaving it in the care of Talent Clubs.

In time, CC would grow into the club we know today as a place for both personal and professional development thanks in no small part to the club’s vast offering of dance, fitness, language, and professional training courses, and year-round opportunities to join our club’s staff team.

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